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Samsung Dryer - Shrill noise after replacing the Heating Element  


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26/12/2019 9:49 am  


The Heating Element went out on my ~ 7 year old Samsung Dryer - sorry, I don't have access to the Model #, but I think this is more of a generic question.

Ever since installing the new heater assembly, the dryer makes a shrill, almost vibration type of noise.....think "heat-bug" in the middle of summer.   It's not super loud, but it's not 'right' and it didn't make the noise prior to the repair.

I assume the noise is actually coming from the heater element itself.    Is this somewhat common and what typically causes this.....and can it be corrected?   
The location of the dryer makes it a challenge to access and I have to pull the matching front-load washer in order to gain access to the dryer.    For that reason, I wanted to get some insight before I attempt any repair.

Thanks in advance for your help!