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Panasonic TH-P55GT30A - looks a little washed out!  


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27/12/2019 7:45 pm  

Hi guys, new here from Australia. I'm and audio tech but know my way around TV's.
I got a steal for myself on a Panasonic TH-P55GT30A (said to be similar to the VT), I looked in the service menu and found it only had 7000hours on the panel so I bought it.
After living with it for a while, I found I need a bit more contrast than the max it can give in the user menu.
On an old Samsung I could boost this a touch in the service menu, but in the Pana it's got 000 in black for the contrast, if I try to change it to 005 it goes red I press OK and it goes black, after exiting, when I check back it's gone black to 000 in black again????? Any ideas on how to lock in a contrast boost on it in the service menu?

Cheers George