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Sansui SLED4680 - static on screen as picture gets brighter  


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27/12/2019 7:46 pm  

My Sansui T.V. (Model SLED4680) screen is getting static lines as the image gets brighter.

The static only appears when there is a bright part on the image (usually red or green, almost never with a blue image) and only exists on the same X-axis plane as the bright spot (e.g. a black screen with the word 'input' at the top will only show static to the left and right of the word). Often, the bright image is repeated within the static (The word input will be vaguely seen repeated within the static to the left and right of the original word).

I have checked the capacitors (unlikely to be the culprit anyway, I know) and they were fine. I checked that all the connections were nice and tight. there is no visible damage to the T.V. inside or out. I haven't been able to find any tutorials on how to fix a similar issue because I'm not entirely sure of the best way to describe what's happening.

Any suggestions on what's wrong and how to fix it would be extremely appreciated. Thank you,