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Something extra required to do the/a conversion?  


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29/12/2019 8:46 pm  

* I have a 14 camera security system feeding into an HVR, which is in turn connected to an older small hp monitor, via VGA to VGA... The HVR also has a mouse attached, in order to access footage stored on it from the security cameras, which can be exported from the HVR via a flash drive...

* I also have a separate software system that records entry/exit activity, which is accessed by a sturdy upgraded HP laptop REMOTELY, using the "splashtop," "logmein," or "gotomypc" kinds of remote access subscription services, quite easily...

* So, I would like to connect the HVR to a newer Dell monitor, via the HVR's  VGA to the Dell monitor's VGA (or DVI)... 

I would THEN like to:
A) Connect the Dell monitor, which has the HVR connected to it... To the HP laptop... Using a VGA (or DVI) to HDMI device, of which there are a wide selection...

B) [The KICKER]  I want to be able to access the HP laptop remotely, in order to access the HVR footage, accessed through the Dell monitor, connected to the laptop via HDMI...

C) [Question]  Is this possible, with the equipment I've mentioned? And with the methods I've detailed?  OR  

D) ...Am I missing something extra required to do the/a conversion of the security camera footage from the HVR... Going back into the laptop, and not the opposite direction... As a normal single external monitor set-up would have it, require it..??