TMX Elmo Extra Special Edition


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You’ve probably already seen the original Elmo laugh hysterically as he rolls along the floor. The special edition of the popular Elmo toy features all the tickling and giggling fun of the original, plus even more extra-special fun you’ve never set eyes on. The key is to find the right combination of movements to activate a silly side of Elmo that you’ve never seen before. Try lifting his arm straight in the air and tickling his belly. There’s more where that came from.



Used: TMX Elmo Extra Special Edition

Product information

  • New version of Elmo toy laughs, rolls, and more when tickled
  • Movement combinations reveal secret surprises; rhyming cards hint at the right combinations
  • Child-safe design made with soft fibers
  • Includes 6 AA batteries
  • Recommended for ages 18 months and up